How are you spending your time in your golden years?

As you journey through the third age as I call it, it is an opportune time to ask yourself

  • Are you doing what you had hoped to be doing at retirement and beyond?
  • Are you worrying about current and future challenges?
  • Are you spending time with those friends or family that uplift you support you and you enjoy being with?

Technology advances, global pandemic and ‘busy’ extended family can bring an understandable feeling of isolation and a fearful mindset.

Dependance on others is necessary – Learning to balance life to move through this season of time feeling fulfilled, your personal capacity respected, and independent – without feeling so isolated.

  • Can you improve on anything that will help you thrive at this time?
  • Do you know how to?

I am here to help.

Maria is a training and development Manager, Pilates teacher and mother of 5 children aged 22 to 3 years. As a parent and wife, her own life has changed over the years – but a fraction to what our seniors have changed during their lifetime.

Learning and practicing proven healthy habits is so beneficial to wellbeing. This course is designed to give you simple activities and mindset to manage comfortably in your third age and to enjoy the small group of other like minded individuals. Class sizes to 10 people.

Bookings essential. Spaces limited.

For more information contact our office. Age Concern Kerikeri. Phone: 09 4074474 Email: