Vision Board, Planning and Mindfulness Workshop

How often have you set good intentions but never made the next step to schedule all of your good intentions? How are your dreams going to manifest without making Life Balance and your goals a priority?

Do you manage your finances to achieve holiday plans, home projects or business growth – or just hope that ends are met? Do you have a time of day that you move your body – or is that starting Monday? What about time with others and those friends or loved ones who you mean to spend quality time with – friends are like a garden that needs to be tended? That good food you are going to eat and perhaps even grow – could your next meal fuel you or do you emotionally eat? What ongoing learning and inspiration are you regularly engaged in – so much to learn from others and we only need a small amount of time? Do you have a hobby or help out from time to time as a Volunteer – or are you helping everywhere all the time… too much?

Combine Key Performance Indicators to set manageable goals that you can monitor yourself going forth from our workshop time together. This Vision Board class is much more than a pretty picture. It becomes a balanced reflection alongside some practical worksheets to help you navigate forward, even in times of adversity and normal life up and downs.

In your Vision Board, Planning and Mindfulness Workshop you will. 

  • Have a fun and relaxed workshop with inspiring learning and a tasty plant-based whole food snack.
  • You will learn how to manage negative limiting thoughts, manage your time and make a plan to fit more in life that brings you satisfaction.
  • You will have a take home Time Plan that fits in with your family and balances 8 areas of your life to include small healthy habit changes.
  • You will make and take home your own vision board to take home.
My promise to you is you will leave with direction, healthy thought management and a great plan in place.
  • Ditch limiting beliefs
  • Manage your time
  • Create optimism
” I am your tutor, Maria, and are an HR training and Development Manager and Mindfulness coach. I Authored ‘Bounce Back’ – a children’s feelings management Journal, published in 2020. I am the founder of Actionable Awesomeness programme and Sensory Regulation resources for Adults and young people.
As a Mum of 2 young adults (17 and 19) a tween ( 10)and young one (3). I find without a plan the juggle of meeting my and everyone else’s needs can be stressful. My husband and I have have been living in the Bay Of Islands for 7 years. I have been Life Coaching in Auckland and Kerikeri for 12 years and love the impact of my work based on Neuro Science, CBD and NLP has on others. “
This event is located in the Bay Of Islands at my office in the Main Street Kerikeri. 88/4 Kerikeri Road. Upstairs above Pure Day Spa and Caravan Clothing.
Price includes all materials and light lunch. Limited spaces
  • Define your authentic interests with an engaging questionnaire of many life, career, music and hobby interests, to find your likes in this season of time.
  • Balance life with a ‘Life Balance Wheel’ to make a plan of intentions that you are authentically interested in. Covering 8 areas of life balance.
  • Log priorities in your Time Manager to help schedule out-of-work time. Making you more productive at work and balanced (less stress and more joy) at home.
  • With you new set intentions; help the manifestation process with a decorative Vision Board. Using a collection of ‘tear and cut’ images from magazines provided and then pasting onto a page space to create your intentions as a visual motivator to keep pressing forward.
  • Learn intentional visualisation to help you notice future opportunities and have the confidence to act on open doors of possibility.

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