They had their say – One-on-one Coaching, Corporate Coaching and Breathwork Pilates Clients.

Thank you for your words to encourage others to work with me to get the most out of themselves!

“ As a medical professional who has dealt with clients who are fatigued, have poor digestion, and sugar fueled diets and coaching clients on how to eliminate poor eating and lifestyle habits, this programme is a fundamental tool in educating everyone on how to cleanse the body from unhealthy choices.  Simon and Maria’s direct yet user-friendly approach to this important detoxification plan is more than refreshing.  All will benefit from the Cleanse to Reset programme.” Dr Kathleen Wills

” I did need to “purposely” meet the grief xxx and proactively doing that in the way you have described really makes sense and I know my past ways of dealing with things (wine) wouldn’t heal me completely, just mask it. Today and tomorrow I feel are good days for me to reflect and tomorrow plan my way forward and having the structure of your programme is almost like having my hand held, so thank you” Anon

“Hi Maria, I am SO impressed with your pre-detox recipes! I think that you have a real gift with food! The guacamole is wonderful, the hummus (I would never have thought of putting basil in it – is YUM), the banana icecream, – WOW!!…The beetroot, coconut, raisin and carrot salad is delicious!! Thank you so much for these recipes.” Anon

“The process has shown/reminded me of many things. How much better I feel with no meat. How easy it is to cut out things like caffeine and processed foods (I had thought it would be difficult). How much I love eating this way! How yummy and filling the muesli mix is. How having juices for lunch will work brilliantly for me – as my days often turn to custard so I skip lunch then eat something quick (processed) when I get home with the kids. How nice some herbal teas are! How my tongue looks nice and pink eating this way! How my tummy bloat is better. How virtuous I feel when I avoid snacks. How true Sara’s comment about looking at some previously desired foods and thinking “yuck” is! So I’m a fail on the full detox front, but a raving success on the ongoing healthy eating front. Thank you, thank you, thank you x” Anon