NZ MADE Weighted Relaxall Body Pad


Weighted sensory pads generate proprioceptive input in our bodies causing release of serotonin and dopamine to reduce stress, help you concentrate and support a better nights sleep. When used regularly, weighted items can help stabalise emotions.

“After school can be prone to meltdowns. I found that if the Relaxall weighted bag was rested on his lap while he ate afternoon tea, the benefits of feel good chemical release was happening then at that time when he was occupied.  

  • The Relaxall has been a solution for what I used to think was ‘witching hour’ at around 5.30pm… right when I’m trying to prepare dinner.  I found him to be more compliant with less melt downs and less oppositional defiance early evening.  The proprioception input helps stabalise mood.  
  • The Relaxall gives comfort and help with concentration.  Slip the Relaxall inside the supplied black water resistant bag, and it is able to be discreetly tucked into the bottom of a school bag or away as you travel. Perfect size for overnight stays.  Perfect proprioception input – in particular through the shoulders – as your child walks into a busy environment like school. The Relaxall promotes confidence and privacy.
  • For my clients visiting my office space for one-on-one sessions (and myself when working at my computer), I find the bag is easily able to fit on a lap. For me, I find it helps me concentrate when I’m writing. 
  • The Relaxall is a specialty tool that everyone can benefit. not just those who are neuro diverse. ”  

Maria Quayle-Guppy  Founder MAPS programme and Reset Mindset

  • The NZ MADE Multi-Weighted Sensory body pad ‘Relaxall’ (1.25kg – 5kg)  is made in Kerikeri, New Zealand in a unique folding case design exclusive to Reset Mindset.
  • The multi pockets allow your investment to grow with your child. A proprioceptive product should be introduced at 5% of the persons body weight and increased to a maximum of 10% of their body weight.
  • With a multi-weighted option you have better flexibility to reduce or increase weight periodically to stimulate feel good chemical release.

The Relaxall has an outer layer of soft polar fleece with velcro closures, and inner calico-cotton weights that have been filled with crushed New Zealand recycled sand-glass. An environmentally conscious, low Global footprint solution to give deep touch sensation.

Lay it on your lap, lie down with it on your chest, rest it on your back.

The Relaxall sensory bag helps you feel amazing and can provide support for those with neuro diversity, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping or an overactive mind.

Although the bag has been designed to be tough, it is not a biff around play toy.  When washing, remove the insert bags and only wash the fleece outer in a warm or cold wash. Warm tumble dry. Never wash the calico bags inside.


  • Handmade in New Zealand.
  • 50cm x 50cm Polar fleece removable cover with velcro closures (folds into 25cm x 50cm size when in use).
  • 4 x 1.25kg weights of calico-cotton inserts filled with crushed New Zealand recycled sand-glass are provided.
  • Water resistant black bag provided to keep your Relaxall clean. Suitable for nocturnal enuresis or spill accidents.
  • Instructions of how to adjust the weight of your bag.
  • A guideline chart of suggested weight for weight of user.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 8 cm


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