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8 Benefits of A Sensory Swing

  • Strengthened Vestibular System. The vestibular system is the most important of the body’s senses.

  • Increased balance and coordination.

  • Spatial awareness.

  • Mood booster.

  • Calming effect.

  • Increased focus.

  • Strengthens muscles.

  • Proprioception input.

NZ MADE Reset Mindset Sensory Swing. The Cuddle Swing has been created from breathable cotton Lycra and is 4 thread stitched for durability and comes with an outer cover for better support and durability. Think safe for your back, better proprioception input for the abdomen and suitable for a greater weight range (tested to 100kg). The outer cover which is optional to use, is fade resistant and waterproof. Choose your outer cover design when selecting your purchase.

Included with your swing is 1.5m quality polyester rope with metal carabiner for easy clip on and clip off is already attached. 1m additional polyester rope for attaching to hanging surface, a waterproof/fadeproof additional swing cover for a firm support swing. This can be easily unclipped for use of the stretch cotton swing on it’s own, a cotton tidy bag for your swing to stow safely away.

You can use your swing outside hung from a sturdy tree or pergola. Your swing can also be installed by a tradesperson inside your house over strong joist, rafter or rondo beam. Take to a friends place or on holiday for some peaceful play.  ALWAYS secure your sensory swing close to the ground for safe use. Be sure to secure where it is not possible for the rope to tangle around your child and that falling from a height is not possible. All efforts have been made to make your sensory swing safe and durable. Your swing has been designed with minimal fastenings for secure use; however rough play may damage your sensory swing.  Parent guidance should always be available while your child plays.

Please seek a professional to safely install your swing into the ceiling if using inside your house.



For some people their brain is constantly bombarded with sensory input that it has no idea what to do with. Some simple conversations can feel overwhelming and even the direction of a voice can be hard to process.

With heightened senses feelings of anxiety and low mood can increase. Hyperactivity can drive the most patient person up the wall and generally everyone around the sensory affected person becomes part of the family stress picture. 

Swinging teaches the brain how organise and filter sensory input information.

How does it work?

Swinging gives the sensory input that your child (or even yourself) is looking for. The swinging action gives the brain and the body the chance to learn to work together.


The affect of an unbalanced vestibular and proprioceptive system is huge. The vestibular and proprioceptive system has the largest impact on sensory regulation. Swinging stimulates fluid in the inner ear, which activates vestibular sensors. It lets your body know that is is moving. The activated vestibular sensors makes a person feel more grounded. The snug fit of our sensory swings gives gentle proprioceptive input to help the body know where it is in space.

A session of swinging for only a few minutes every day helps the body regulate for many hours to follow. The ‘brain break’ of swinging can overall reduce the high and low moods of someone needing sensory regulation. 

Swing therapy is a fun, pleasant way to manage these senses.

Vestibular System

The vestibular system is the sense of movement. It lets us know if we’re moving, how fast we’re moving, and in which direction we’re headed. This system is the most influential of all the senses as it affects almost everything we do. Balance, coordination, fine motor skills, and even self-regulation all rely on the vestibular system.

Proprioception System

The proprioceptive system informs our body of its position in space by directing muscles on how to react to external stimuli. Like the other 6 senses, proprioception is essential for building body awareness and a sense of security.

An underdeveloped proprioceptive system requires tremendous concentration to react to a surrounding environment. The brain is unable to transform vision stimuli to proper physical reactions. To be more specific, the brain is unable to identify where specific body parts are in relation to one another.

Sensory swings are made of special fabric that cuddle and cocoon as the client swings back and forth. This puts pressure on the body’s sensory receptors. This form of deep pressure not only calms the nervous system, but allows your child to feel their body’s movements. They can sense when their arm is outstretched or when their knee is bent. Sitting in a sensory swing gives your child a better understand of their body’s location.

Swing therapy stimulates both the body and the mind. It gives the body the opportunity to learn how to organize incoming sensory input. Sensory swings are a great addition to any sensory room. Swings are versatile and can be used by sensory seeking and sensory avoiding people.

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