Proprioceptive Pinkle Ball


It is more relieving to squish than a ‘stress ball’. The semi flexible spikes are quite hard which makes the ball ideal to be able to control the level of pressure stimulus preferred and with no messy gunk that is going to spill out!  Safe for children and babies with no choking parts.

“It feels so good to squeeze past the point of regular ‘stress balls’ to get a really good sensation.  It’s a fun ball on the trampoline and is perfect to aid in Mindfulness activities to help with concentrating on one area of the body. I love to sit and squeeze one myself that sits on my office desk, it helps me think! Your hands have so many sensory points. The pressure of the spikes help release feel good hormones, activate blood flow and reduce pain.  Perfect for sore feet or backs, and you can control the pressure yourself. 

We even used one for our youngest who was nasogastric tube fed (NG tubes went inside his nose, down his esophagus and into his stomach) from birth until 8 months old due to a medical problem at birth.  He had oral aversion as part of his condition, which made milk feeding difficult for him.  When he moved onto solids he was unable to swallow safely as the back of his tongue was unable to co-ordinate.  The Pinkle Ball became a tool I used as often as I could throughout the day to de-sensitise his mouth. As a Mum this was a very scary time for me and finding a tool that was not a ‘stick’ type tool which can be a poke-and-choke hazard helped make this challenging time a bit easier. He loved the ball as he could help control it himself which is necessary for some to speed up recovery of oral aversion. The proprioceptive gum stimulation from the ball at his mouth aided him to overcome his sensory condition in his mouth of oral aversion.  The stimulation to gums aids in release of feel good hormones which helped him enjoy the process through play.  The ball has stayed in the toy box now he is fully recovered. He still loves it which is so cool to see.” Maria Quayle-Guppy, Founder MAPS and Reset Mindset

  • Perfect for applying proprioceptive pressure to the feet and hands as a reflexology stimulus.
  • The nodules activate blood flow and relieve pain in the body.
  • 6 cm diameter.
  • Ideal as an oral proprioceptive support for babies as they manage the stimulation themselves by ‘knawing’ at the ball.
  • Good pocket size for children, youth and adults.
  • Handy size as a fiddle ball and for ‘finding the edge of yourself’.
  • Relieving to the user when feeling angry and frustrated to be able to apply safe and firm pressure.
  • Gorgeous Teal colour, restful on the eyes and beautiful for your desk

Colour:  Teal

Material: firm PVC with firm nodules.

Reflexology instructions on tear proof, water resistant paper.

Includes black water resistant bag.

For infant safety, if ball becomes tattered with chewing, discard and replace.


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