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Simple, tidy and no zips, or buttons. Perfect for those who find they are feeling stressed and difficult to concentrate. Being proactive and work can be a challenge when responsibility and deadlines are high. For kids, being learning ready is an essential part of being an active class-member. The gentle deep touch pressure of the Hugger helps the brain to organise itself and concentrate.

Double thickness quality cotton Lycra material 4 thread stitched for durability. Ideal for wrapping around shoulders and doubled over gives self applied pressure for calming sensation. Can wear easily while moving around and no dangly bits to trip on.

Cotton Lycra so not sweaty or clammy.

Wonderful entry level to Proprioception.

Wrap includes link to Proprioception input guide and gentle calming exercises to do with the Hugger that promote proper breathing to reduce stress.


Mini 75cm x 30cm double stitched and double folded.

Medium 75cm x 55cm double stitched and double folded.

Large 75cm x 67cm double stitched and double folded.

FREE downloadable guide with exercises and breathwork skills to promote calm



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