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This funky body sock gives proprioceptive input and come complete with it’s own hood for head pressure that is light enough not to cause neck injury.  They will love it!

“Hyperactivity can be super tiring for everyone else around the hyper person.  When you’re hyper,  a safe place to have fun was up there in importance. Going for a run around outside or bounce on the tramp was often not enough or practical.  I created the Body Sock for it to be stretchy and snuggley to get inside for the right proprioceptive input, as per the advice from an Occupational Therapist.  

We found him socialising with friends was tricky, it would often trigger that hyper that even the peer was asking to have calmed down. The body sock allowed for all the animation necessary for that sometimes annoying state to come down a few notches. We are all into kids have loud, crazy fun… but I think you know what I mean when I say that sometimes it just becomes hard for everyone else. In those time the body sock is perfect.  The body sock while gaming, or watching a movie helped fix this social awkwardness with mates. 

At the end of a hyperactive time, was most often either the Iceberg state or the Volcano state.  Tears, immense sadness or anger.  This is common with ADHD as the brain is having trouble regulating and is burning out at that moment.  Things are no longer so funny any more at that point.  We found the Body Sock helped stop such great highs and lows. ” Maria Quayle-Guppy  MAPS founder and Reset Mindset director

  • Body Sock for Proprioceptive touch and a safe space to wriggle out frustration or feel like they are getting a big hug.
  • Made from light weight, quality stretch nylon Lycra with hooded insert.
  • No buttons or zips (safer if you have a sensory stimmer/chewer or young child in the house. Nicer to sleep in)
  • Turn inside out for a seam free extra comfortable solution for sensitive people 


MAXI 750 mm x 1800 mm, suitable for children and adults. 

Hand wash in cold water and drip dry in shade. The light fabric dries very quickly.

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BodySock Colour

Navy, Teal, Dark Grape


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