NZ MADE 2kg Pressure Pad with stretch cotton cover


NZ MADE. A great entry level proprioception tool. There are no varied weight compartments. The Pressure Pad measures 20cm x 35cm. The Pressure Pad is not washable but can be wiped with a damp cloth. It comes with a removable stretch cotton slip cover that is washable in cool water.

Do not immerse the Pressure Pad in water and be careful with rough play.

  • Can be carried for short distances to school or between classes in a school bag. The weight helping the body settle while in transition in changeable times.
  • Sit on a childs lap so they are learning ready at school.
  • Put it in your handbag or manbag to give stress support in meetings.
  • Drape on your shoulders for stress relief.

Proprioception is best at 10 % of body weight. Do not use this product on a person under 20kg. Additional lap pads or a Relaxall multi-weighted bag which adjusts in weight, may be required for a heavier user. The pressure pad can be slipped into the fold crease of the Multi-weighted bag to increase weight further.

Navy Blue cover with white stitch and insert bag with sand glass medium.


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