Child Sensory Regulation Printables


Mum, Dad and Caregiver

This pack is aimed at children 5 – 11 years. You will know your child the best and it may suit your younger or older person.

This pack includes 8 A4 sized printable poster worksheets that are going to help your small person with sensory regulation. This pack also includes 3 worksheet PDF’s for you as their big person so you can understand how the exercises help.

Your PDF posters were created in home/stationary store RGB tone and 300dpi (very high quality).

Once you purchase your pack, you will receive an instant link. This is where you will find the document to save in your personal browser. It will have a link to click which will bring you online to the back of my website with your file documents. You can access your printable platform any time day or night.

Your Child Sensory Regulation Printables pack includes.

  • The Affirmation poster with words of encouragement they can speak over themselves.
  • A Breathwork figure 8 poster to help them breath correctly for those stressy times.
  • Gross Motor Movement poster. This can be printed, cut up and laminated if you wish. I have the cards like this to use with my clients in my office and for our son at ‘stations’ in our backyard. Its a great way to give proprioception input when they are busy and is fun too.
  • Proprioception ‘options’ for them to do if in the STORM, VOLCANO or ICEBERG feelings.
  • The Feelings Map for feelings identification.
  • Pilates exercises to increase calm, support digestion, strengthen physically and mentally
  • Pilates information sheet of what each pose supports so your child learns what is helping them. Applied knowledge is power!

Please be sure you are a personal user, not an education facility. Please contact me in writing if you wish to use Reset Mindset content for your school or other business purpose.


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