Affirmation Printable Posters


Print them out, frame them, pin them, stick them, swap them around.  Keep your young person and yourself inspired.

I keep the posters on rotation for our 9 year old and have a couple up at a time for our 17 and 16 year old… Then the odd one dotted around the house too including in the loo!

Surrounding yourself with affirmations that help balance out negative self chatter. Remind ourselves of our value and to keep pressing in when times are tough.

The 8 Affirmation posters are in modern restful tones of sage, mint, navy, purple and mustard, suitable for young and for either gender and any age.

Your A4 PDF posters were created in home/stationary store RGB tone and 300dpi (very high quality).

Once you purchase your pack, you will receive an instant link. This is where you will find the document to save in your personal browser. It will have a link to click which will bring you online to the back of my website with your file documents. You can access your printable platform any time day or night.



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