Fuzzie Wuzzie Kit



Fuzzie Wuzzies are a simple sensory toy that give companionship in a changed environment. They can be a ‘cool’ soft toy when perhaps your little person is at an age when soft toys are no longer cool… or you may have a little person who needs to add to their collection of fluff.

Making a Fuzzie Wuzzie is simple and a great fine motor skill of simple sewing to practice, as well as learning it’s okay to ask for help if the sewing is a little tricky which teaches to lessen a burden and reach out for support.

Fuzzie Wuzzies are soft and can be sent in mix of fabrics to be able to make 3 friends for your young person. They are great role play tools when talking about friendship and are a wonderful tactile sensory toy that without any complex sewing can be made quickly with ease.


Contains 3 ‘bodies’ which you can always change up the shape more if you wish with your own scissors (not supplied). Eyes for 3 fuzzie wuzzies, a darn needle and thread. Instructions and chat sheet about sensory regulation and ideas for role play chats with your younger child included. Fuzzie Wuzzies are popular with kids aged 4 – 12.



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