Aromatherapy Humidifier



Plug it in to your PC, Mac or Laptop. Plug into your power outlet anywhere you want to fill your room with a gentle waft of therapeutic essential oils.

This little globe shape is perfect for an understated relaxing addition to your healthy living routine. Your 10 cm sphere has a relaxing light show of changing colour and a tested and chosen by us (with so many options on the market!) amount of humidity to rejuvenate your skin, prevent dry air from heaters and air conditioning units.

The health benefits of a humidifier are outstanding. Combine your purchase with our therapeutic range of Essential Oil blends for ultimate benefit.

I love that cute little aromatherapy globe that wafts humid air with my beautiful essentials plugged into my Laptop in my office. The pretty lights are calming and give focus to look at when taking a short three deep breath brain break from your screen.  I have others at home in our bedrooms and in the living room to help add a little calm at what can be dinner time chaos.
Humid air from a humidifier like this one with a decent stream of water molecules (not all are created equal!) helps the part of the brain called the limbic system connected to smell. As the aromatherapy molecules reach the brain they affect the limbic system. The limbic system is linked to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance.
Humidifier diffusers are amazing for keeping your skin soft and hydrated. If you are using a heater, heat pump or air conditioner, the air can become very dry. Dry air irritates the nose, throat and skin. Dry air = coughs and dry skin.
Need a little calm and focus? Try a humidifier aromatherapy diffuser like this one with enough gusto to humidify the whole room without causing damp.


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