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1-Day retreats to manage stress, become more optimistic, get organised and feel great. What we think and how we manage life pressure impacts everyone.

Themed wellness topics all have a NLP, CBT, Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness and Affirmation connection to add to your skillset. A completion certificate is included and you will leave with new practical tools in your belt to feel more organised and less stressed.  Plant based delish snack, workbook with notes, takeaway craft project and personal strategy ideas in place. Timetable for 2021 below.

  • Motivational Mosaic. $130.00 Affirmation visual to uplift, connect and empower. A visual reminder of how broken and collected life events or “things” can be made beautiful and serve new purpose.
  • Inspirational Macramé. $130.00 Life is full of strings, knots and untamed threads. Make a modern plant holder (macrame plant holder, pot and plant included). A focus on managing your thoughts as you navigate stress and pressure in your life.
  • Vision Board, Planning and Mindfulness Workshop. $130.00 To get family and work life into balance for less stress. There are 8 areas of life-balance.  If we don’t set intention of what we want for our future, nor schedule rituals and activities, we can feel overwhelmed and without hope or direction in our future.
  • Parenting Neuro-diverse kids on the same rollercoaster. $130.00 How to parent without reacting (all the time) and expecting neuro-typical behaviour. Learn skills to live in each moment presented to help with feeling sane and connected to your young (or not so young) person. Skills for how to remain confident and flexible in your parenting, connected to your partner, and other children in the family – as well as how to raise a confident Neuro divergent young person into adulthood with your own self esteem in tact.

Dates and Times : Kerikeri

Sunday 15th July. 12 – 4pm – Vision Board, Planning and Mindfulness Workshop

Saturday 21st August. 12 – 4pm –  Inspirational Macramé plant hanging pot

Sunday 5th September. 12 – 4pm – Motivational Mosaic

Sunday events

22nd August – Parenting Neuro-diverse kids on the same rollercoaster.

” Taking time out to DE-stress is vital to manage your Mental Health. As a Training and Development Manager, it was my role to unlock individuals’ values and vision for their future, so they were motivated in their corporate careers.  My commitment is to equip people with skills to live with passion and ‘fill your cup’ with hands on learning to find balance, resilience and focus.

With the many hats of responsibility, we wear balancing those spinning plates is essential to enjoy quality of life so we can be the best version of us. Sometimes we can’t stop the spin, but we can learn to think differently regardless of adversity. It is not about getting over something. It is about taking that life event with us”. Maria Quayle-Guppy

Join me for a time away from it all to DE-stress yourself, find yourself and respect yourself. I will empower you without putting you in a vulnerable position of sharing your ‘personal story’ with others.