Office 88 Kerikeri Road unit 4

One-to-one coaching online via Zoom or in my private clinic

Actionable Awesomeness sessions for adults.

Where : Online via Zoom or in my Kerikeri clinic space – 88 Kerikeri Road, unit 3. Upstairs above Pure Day Spa.

When : By appointment

Cost : $1425.00 for 7 actionable one-to-one sessions.

Contact me via email to arrange your free first 30 minute phone consultation.

Join me as I coach using time management structure, Mindfulness,  empowerment, alongside intention manifestation and momentous moment planning. Together I will help you to…

  • Develop a better structure to your everyday to reduce overwhelm by prioritising and getting 8 areas of life in balance.
  • Time task management to reduce over-committing your day… or time wasting.
  • Manage ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) to stop being hard on yourself and others. Snuffing out procrastination and poor self esteem
  • Develop confidence in your parenting and habit change where necessary.
  • Create momentous moment strategies that fit within your current budget.
  • Moving forward with me by your side at a pace that isn’t all consuming.

We work together weekly and set monthly overview goals to aspire to.

I am great at holding you accountable for the result you are after. I’m fun; but I will push you too!

What clients say…”

I signed up for one-on-one coaching. I had developed severe Post-Natal Depression following the birth of my son and I wanted to learn some strategies as I started to rebuild my life again. Throughout the sessions, she has gently (but firmly!) guided me through various techniques which have been instrumental in helping me to come off my anti-depressant medication and begin to view life as something to be enjoyed rather than just coped with day-to-day. Her resilience strategies and emotional awareness techniques I am also using with my pre-schooler to help him deal with times of potentially overwhelming situations.” P* name withheld : Adult Client”

” Maria has coached me through several stages in my life. One particular event she helped me with was a court appearance (victim). She was extremely calming, resourceful and professional. I had no idea what I was in for and after having her guide me through it, i’d only ever take her with me should I need to appear again. I can’t thank her enough for making it a pleasant experience and I felt confident with her by my side. ” Name Withheld

” Thank you Maria I really appreciate your guidance!! I’m grateful for your multitude of practical skills, your regular support and especially for the hope I feel after every session” Terena

” I am currently working with Maria pre and post court trial as a victim of domestic violence. It has been seven months since I left my abuser and I have struggled to find someone who can support me and guide me in my healing process, someone who actually understands the feelings and thought processes of a domestic violence victim. After being introduced to Maria and having my consult, it was the first time in months that I felt like I was being understood and her approach to coaching/mentoring has been incredible. She has been able to help me gain understanding of why I am the way I am post assault and is actively helping me to come to terms with what I’ve been through, but also change my thought processes to ensure a survivor mentally as opposed to being a victim. She has been able to create awareness around what to expect from the court process and is actively providing me with strategies to help me stay centered and calm during the upcoming court case. Maria has a wealth of knowledge in terms of supporting domestic violence victims and helping them to rediscover their identity. I highly recommend Maria and the work she does ! ” Name withheld

” Having progressed through a traumatic and rather hideous 20+ months following the sudden death of my beautiful teenage son, I decided it was time to start rebuilding myself and finding a way through the clouds that were in my head. Maria already knew my story (which meant that we got through sharing that information) and showed compassion, caring and understanding to what I was feeling. There was no “get over it” offered but rather “find a way to move forward“ honouring *** as I found a new me and re-found the old one. I am so thankful for the guidance and encouragement that Maria has offered. My journey still has lots of chapters to be written but at least now they might get written rather than ending up on the cutting room floor. ” Name withheld