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Parenting a square peg in a round world

Live event talks filled with tips on strategies to live your best life with the challenges that we face … often daily, parenting neurodivergent kids (or maybe you are neurodivergent yourself).

  • How to be the best perfectly imperfect version of the you while you parent your young, and not so young ones.
  • Hacks of coping with the offensive outbursts.
  • The interested in something one minute and then adverse to it the next (after you have spent large amounts of money to dedicate to their passionate hobby) – yes you need to ride the hyperfocus train with grace so they keep exploring life – I cover how to handle this!
  • Organisation hacks, skills in being an observer in the conversation rather than finding yourself in the center of the boxing ring.
  • Relationships with their siblings and how to create a connected family culture founded on empathy and patience – even if you are living in a not so patient household.
  • Managing guilt of feeling like you are doing a shitty job and questioning parenting as they defy all the rules of main stream education behaviour.

Wellbeing for independence and mobility

6 weekly 2 hour sessions of engaging and simple wellbeing habits to enhance your senior years. Practical sessions together with Mindset Life Coach and Training and Development Manager, Maria Quayle-Guppy. This project has been bought to you by Age Concern Mid North and Mid North Family Support. The course has been developed and facilitated by Maria.

  • Life Balance wheel. Enjoying authentic interests. Your “want to” instead of “have to”.
  • Breathwork for comfort, circulation and worries.
  • Gentle Pilates for mobility.
  • Make a refreshing herb drinking water picked from our onsite gardens.
  • Mindfulness brain breaks for peace of mind and expanded memory.
  • Reflections and Expectations to live with intention during the third age.

Taking time to reflect, craft and set intentions

1-Day retreats to manage stress, become more optimistic, get organised and feel great. What we think and how we manage life pressure impacts everyone.

Themed wellness topics all have a NLP, CBT, Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness and Affirmation connection to add to your skillset. A completion certificate is included and you will leave with new practical tools in your belt to feel more organised and less stressed.  Plant based delish snack, workbook with notes, takeaway craft project and personal strategy ideas in place. Timetable in link here 

  • Motivational Mosaic.
  • Inspirational Macramé.
  • Vision Board, Planning and Mindfulness Workshop.
  • Parenting Neuro-divergent kids on the same rollercoaster.