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Looking for a Wellness Program specific to your team, with a programme in place to confidently work online?

I specialise in coaching your team to manage stress, their time and productivity. This is the key for there to be any kind of sustainable change in their lifestyle which will positively impact the culture of your company.

In my office, online via Zoom, or at your offices – I will…

  • Assess needs by consulting your teams satisfaction level in each of the areas of the Life Balance Wheel so they feel heard and understood. Then attainable goal setting to introduce healthy habits in 8 areas of life to feel accomplished and reduce stress.
  • Time Task Management and Priority Matrix to reduce over-committing the day… or time wasting.
  • Presenteeism – A  workshop to help your team park worries and overthinking while at work. Work can be a time to ‘get off the stress bus’. Equipping your team with strategies to feel empowered and capable builds resilient team leaders. Simple Mindfulness, organisation and affirmation techniques so they are more productive in their day and less stressed at work.
  • ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Inspire constructive thinking to ultimately allow them to be more focused in their work-life and less negative in the workplace to snuff out procrastination, overthinking and poor self esteem.
  • Vision board creation for better direction of long term goals.
  • Sensory Regulation – Resources and skills for managing stress and staying focussed while you work. Sensory tools like a weighted bag, neck wrap and sensory reflexology ball aide the body to release feel good chemicals which helps with concentration for busy team members.

Here’s how un-wellness affects your business:

High Turnover + Increasing Health Care Costs + Unproductive Employees + Global Pandemic = Everyone else around them triggered.

The details of the problem.

People are suffering from anxiety, depression, and low mood. A lot of it may be because of little structure outside of work and a lot of negative thinking. Lack of life balance can make most people feel lack of control. To feel inspired we have to feel like we are achieving what we are authentically interested in. Then we feel inspired.

I don’t just think so – I know so!  Southern Cross medical society and Statistics New Zealand showed that over $2 billion is lost to absenteeism (being away from work) and presenteeism (being at work but not achieving much). One third of this cost is absenteeism and two thirds of the cost is attributed to presenteeism  – employees that make it to work but spend the day unfocused and stressed.

Yes, it looks bleak. But the good news – you can change it. Pretty easily. Join me in being a part of the solution.

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Here’s some workshops that will help your team members to no end.

All workshops are able to be adapted to your company requirements to accommodate varied ages, genders and diversities.

My extensive work with trauma and neurodivergent clients extends an empathy and confidence to work with a varied range of team members.

As a Mum to 5 from 22 years to 3 years, I have the ability to be relatable and resourced to aide team members to balance life and work challenges.

Keep their mind as fit as you expect your company to be! I don’t allow victim mentality but are very big on empathy and creating a supportive culture. I change mindsets by focusing on resilience….  teaching people to bounce back from stuff… because we all have STUFF that goes on.  I’ll get your employees healthier by making simple but significant changes to their mindset, and stress habits all the while making sure they have a good time while doing it.

Let’s be real. Unhealthy habits lead to uninspired people. Unquestionably, this impacts your business.

Client brief from Age Concern was to run a “Mindfulness course”. Upon meeting I established a wellbeing course with elements to aide their members to live with confidence in the third age of life would be beneficial.

Advertising poster created by myself and workshop series to encourage learning in mindset for independence and mobility.