Here is what other students are saying

” Breathwork Pilates is excellent, Maria is down-to-earth and motivational. I have a dodgy back and Maria is so good at taking this into consideration. The sessions concentrate on Breathwork, something I’ve never done before. I’ve began to build up inner core strength and can see improvements. I highly recommend! ” Ali Carnaby

” I initially thought that Pilates was all about stretching and relaxation. But now worth Maria I’m really enjoying it and finding muscles I’ve not used in ages. The breath work really intensifies the movements and exercises. ”  Rachel Meinders

” I can only say positive thinks about my Pilates experience with breath work, affirmations and mindfulness combination. Maria is a great Teacher who puts her heart into it and it is so easy to follow her instructions. Great for the health of your Body 10 out of 10 !!! ” Annette Eke

Breathwork Pilates is now ONLINE

Your opportunity is here! A combination of mindfulness, breathwork and strength to give you a flexible balanced body no matter what fitness condition you are in to begin with. Purchase your online program in my online store.

A video and audio Breathwork Pilates fitness program you can do in your own home and be in the presence of my shiny, inspiring and perfectly imperfect self.  The online Breathwork Mindfulness Pilates is a series of 5 x mat workout classes.

“I have students who are all sizes. If you can breathe and move some part of your body… you can do it!” Maria Quayle-Guppy

I am trained in Mat Pilates and in the use of Affirmations and Mindfulness which will propel your life direction into a machine of manifestation. My qualification as a Modern Jazz Dance teacher gives natural good flow in a workout which makes your class invigorating and restorative. I’ll take you though the paces of strength, flexibility and empowerment that will energise you through your day or wind you down for the evening.  This is not your ordinary exercise class; you’ll find me … inspiring and down to earth ready to take you through a full body AND mind workout! Purchase your workout access HERE in my online store!