Reset Mindset Maria Quayle-Guppy

Mindfulness and Affirmation coach : Breathwork Pilates Teacher : Training and Development Manager : Mum and Wife

I saw incredible manifestation happen in my life when as a young woman I learned how to harness the power of intention. I changed my own operating system to be more balanced (not perfect – none of us are!), trust in my intuition and understand that my limitations were only a result of fear. My own fear.

I enabled incredible opportunities to come into my life. I was less fearful of ‘what if’s’ and more confident about my direction. This, combined with my professional training, became a foundation of my holistic approach to Life Coaching.

As a stress management coach of many years, I knew that stress is a health problem that affects everyone within the wider network of the stressed person… as well as of course the health of the stressed person!

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Life happens with each here-and-now step we take and each optimistic plan that is in place. It is important as it is to visualise where you want to be and really feel inside what that will be like. It is also important to embrace ‘the now’ to manage disappointment at unexpected life changes.

You don’t want to miss out on the ever changing landscape of the short term. Smell the roses, plan for down time, learn to reduce stress in the here and now so you can optimise at your greatest – enabling you to move forward with confidence and without procrastination.

Learning to live mindfully helps cement your long term goals, and trust me, life will be far less stressful.  You will have more fun and will feel in greater control if mindfully you can learn to pace yourself and enjoy each moment as well as intentionally manifest that ideal future.

” I’m fun and have the calm, peace and empathy when you need it the most. I’ll pull you back to the here and now all while helping you dream big for your future.  If you think you can or think you can’t you will be right.  I have a strong emphasis on coaching to stop runaway thoughts which are maintaining stress. I’m going to help you attract what you want and need without the nay saying which is hindering you more than you realise right now. ”

Our journey as a family

In 2016 our family fell apart. My husband and I separated for 6 months, after many years of dysfunctional living. We were sometimes a team, and often torn apart. It felt terrible as there was potential. We just weren’t working at all well together.

In 2017 when we were back under the same roof, it was time to develop something that would encourage more empathetic eyes within my own home. For all of us to use as a way of better communication with each other.  One of our children at home had ADHD and ODD. I was looking for ways to help my son and the rest of the family as a unit. Knowing my young adult Step-child had similar neuro-diverse symptoms when growing up, I was not prepared to battle through the years of a challenge with very little support.

I knew that the way our family was operating, it was collectively making us fall apart. Once we adopted the techniques of better communication home became more enjoyable. When strategies were applied, it made a difference in our family.  I realised that it could make a difference in others families too. Which it has.

A feelings identification model. A map was decided upon so as to represent the normal feelings everyone has and should have.  The map was to acknowledge feelings and understand that the optimum feeling to feel most of the time is like that under the TREE (calm focused and inspired).  Once feelings are identified there needs to be action with simple ‘options’ taken to help get back to the tree as quickly as possible. The map was also to represent the beauty in all things depending on how you look at it. A volcano is majestic, a storm can be exciting, an iceberg has the ability to float and the tree is a place of peace.  The simple imagery would be easy to remember for young and old, be a reminder of a journey we are all on and respect that life will always be a varied landscape – life will never be perfect and neither will we. We grow and bounce back with resilience from hurdles of rough terrain.

The map also pictorially needed to have links to our nation Aotearoa and her people from all walks, races and regions.  The wild west storms, the volcanoes of the land and the Southern icy passes are some of our lands beauties.  Because of their varied international home helpers during the last 7 years, I felt drawn to create a map so that it would spread a wider connection globally. The map had to demonstrate that no matter where you are on the globe, the landscapes icons are similar, human challenges and struggles with mental health and feelings are similar and the need for calm for most of the time is the same for everyone.

Options to change a feeling state. All of us need options that will help the need at the time of stress depending on what the stress was… but no one needed LOADS of options, or it all becomes overwhelming. Simple solutions were drawn down from my years of experience teaching mindfulness, affirmations, breathwork and pilates. Learning to burn off adrenaline, dodge arrows, stops ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts), affirm self worth, move the body for calm, and breathe for mental health are all important factors in the options to change a mood state.

MAPS is an acronym for Mindfulness, Affirmations, Pilates and Sensory Support. These were already long standing techniques I had used with other child and adult clients. Collectively together, they made an impact without one being more important than the other.

The comfort of scent I liked introducing the personal Aroma Oil and the Aroma Stick. Both have essential oils that have been blended for supporting the desired mood.

Joy, Resilience, Vitality, Meditate, Focus, Sleep. They cover every need to balance emotions. The Aroma Stick encourages you to breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through the mouth (which is the correct breathing technique). The therapeutic blends calm the nervous system and helps regulate the high adrenaline levels which are common due to pressure-filled lifestyles.  The smell was able to remain discreet and only noticed by the user.  The Aroma Stick was far better than hankies all over the house, everything smelling like oils, or tissues through the washing machine.  Aroma Stick is a luxury looking item that feels a bit special to own.

The Aroma Oil is an elegant oil and ideal for topical use to support your system through your skin. Aroma Oil is a clear Jojoba Oil (nut free) and can be applied to a pillow case at night or a favourite comforter or motivator.  The colour free oil infused with the essential oils of Aroma Stick make a beautiful personal perfume.

Sensory support with ProprioceptionDeep touch pressure with weighted, reflexology principles and stretch resources aide the body to find the edges of itself. This input enable the brain to relax and process information more effectively which can lower stress in many people. Deep touch pressure aides in the body releasing Serotonin and Dopamine. Feel good chemicals which reduce stress and support wellbeing. The Relaxall Weighted Bag and Neck Wrap are wonderful take anywhere tools for young and adults. Adjustable input that takes the edge off stress.