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  • Together we look at what is bothering you right now and what is limiting you to be the best version of you.
  • Actions and strategies and a schedule for life to move differently will follow.
  • We build upon your Authentic likes and strengths.
  • What you can achieve right now in this season of time is key.
  • Long term intentions and a vision board to help you notice opportunities in the future will help you look ahead while you are facing the present.

Up skilling you on how to shut off an overthinking mind, ditch habits that aren’t helping you and get more done in your day is our priority. Together, you and I will work on self-esteem, friendships, life-balance, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Affirmations and resilience to bounce back from what pops up that bothers you. Life as you know gets tough but you are stronger than you know and wiser than you think (not my quote!).

Balance of 8 areas of your life so you feel like you are moving forward and have something to show for yourself. When was the last time you felt like you worked, parented, ate and did not much else? With simple strategies we will introduce lasting healthy habits that will make you feel like you are achieving.

Personal growth. We will nail it.

  • Your journey with me comes with a complete programme workbook both in a colour eBook and printed as a workbook. Your programme workbook (which is posted to you if you live away from my Northland hometown and we are doing zoom sessions together). This workbook is a reference tool that will carry you well beyond our immediate sessions together. If you visit me in my office in Kerikeri, you will be given this in person.

A selection of sensory regulation products are available to you in my office or from my online store. These resources will equip you with a holistic approach to managing your mental health.

For the kids in your life I have a published the Bounce Back activity journal, pintable’s and a product line to support their sensory regulation.

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Parenting when you are neurodivergent… or have neurodivergent kids.

ASD, ADHD, ODD, Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia and more.

Personal coaching with me can help you and your family connect. Calm the chaos and get in touch here to book one-to-one sessions online via Zoom or at my Kerikeri office.

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Have a peek here at some of the resources in my online store.

The abridged version of me…

23 years ago I trained in Human Resources as a Training and Development Manager. Corporately I was responsible to inspire and connect together large groups of team members who were facing their pending Redundancy in the company I was working for. My empathetic role was to support with positivity and direction; so the workplace was as efficient as it could be in such challenging times.

My interest in behaviour management (Training and Development) stemmed from my own challenges of sexual abuse and dysfunctional relationships from a young age which sparked my curiosity of how to be a Victor instead of a Victim. I learned and applied living in the season of now which is an attribute you will learn when coached by me.

Step-mothering an infant child with Attachment Disorder tested my 22 years-young self. She has grown into a driven ADHD gorgeous adult with tenacity in her own belly to succeed. With limited online resources in 2001 I pulled out books and manuals to learn the limited I could about neurodiversity’s and tied that back in with my HR training.

I added Mindfulness training to my skillset in 2013, to learn how to stay present in life’s ups and downs and let go past hurts and trauma. This training enabled me to coach others in an effective way to navigate significant life events.

In 2015 I certified as a Pilates teacher which added a physical component of life balance training. This same year I certified as a Youth Mentor to work alongside parents of youth navigating difficult years – and the years of our own teen children maturing.

My Marriage marriage to Si fell apart in 2016. Another lesson in life of learning how to do life better together. We made it through this season and are a strong couple now, which without applying what we learned to live a healthy life together we wouldn’t be where we are today. We bounced around family court a bit first which equipped me to work alongside family harm victims in the future.

Our youngest child was born unexpectedly in 2017 and nearly didn’t make it. The 12 months to follow was a time most challenging for myself personally. Tube fed and a grim outlook for being able to eat and speak propelled me into learning about sensory regulation. Now we can’t shut him up!

2020 was a messy year for everyone globally. Loss of control, fear and unable to make significant long term plans rocked most people. In the middle of Winter that year our property flooded and we lost most material possessions and our home. A grounding experience and a messy one.

Being able to navigate life with genuine optimism led me to contract coaching women experiencing family harm and survivors of sexual assault… Until I was mandated in my role due to vaccinations.

Am I beat? Absolutely not!

Life is good. Life is actually as I had always dreamed I wanted life to roll. Flexible, changeable and predictable – which all 3 are possible to navigate!

I kept my mind on succeeding this thing called life and it worked. Life is not perfect, but my life is happy. I celebrate that I am an independent women who is vulnerable enough to ask for help when I need it. I have strong friendships, a healthy marriage with kids/young adults who like to be at home – as parenting is not chaotic anymore. I have clients who make marked changes in their own lives no matter how big or small their life events are that bought them to me.

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