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Parenting when you are neurodivergent… or have neurodivergent kids.

ASD, ADHD, ODD, Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Tourettes, Dysbraxia and more.

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Reset Mindset


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I don’t stress about a whole lot and I laugh a lot… Now that is.

Wind back 35 years when I was first challenged with life events I felt I didn’t fit in. I felt like ‘damaged goods’. I didn’t feel easily understood.

A few life events saw me hit rock bottom with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress), where I was lucky enough to learn many of the CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) skills I teach today.

23 years ago I trained in Human Resources as a Training and Development Manager. Added to my skillset 11 years ago, was a better understanding of how to manage stress and life’s ups and downs with Mindfulness training. And then as a certified Pilates teacher 6 years ago… 5 years ago, in 2016 – my Marriage to Si fell apart. Another lesson in life of learning how to do life better together. We made it through this blip and speak to each other very differently now.

Life is good. Life is actually as I had always dreamed I wanted life to roll. Not perfect, but happy. I celebrate that I am such an independent women, with good friends, a healthy marriage with kids/young adults that I am very proud of, who like to be at home as parenting is not chaotic anymore.

What do we do together?

Together we look at what is bothering you right now and what is limiting you to be the best version of you. Actions and strategies for life to move differently will follow. Building upon your Authentic likes and what you can achieve right now in this season of time is key – with long term goals and a vision board to help you notice opportunities in the future that arise.

Up skilling you on how to stress less, shut off an overthinking mind, ditch habits that aren’t helping you and get more done in your day is our priority. Together, you and I will work on self-esteem, friendships, life balance, mindfulness, breathwork, affirmations and resilience to bounce back from what pops up that bothers you, because as you know – life can get tough.

Personal growth. We will nail it.

Your journey with me comes with a complete programme workbook both in a colour eBook and printed as a workbook. Your programme workbook (which is posted to you if you live away from my Northland hometown and we are doing zoom sessions together). This workbook is a reference tool that will carry you well beyond our immediate sessions together. If you visit me in my office in Kerikeri, you will be given this in person.

A selection of sensory regulation products are available to you in my office or from my online store. These resources will equip you with a holistic approach to managing your mental health.

For the kids in your life I have a published the Bounce Back activity journal, printables and a product line to support their sensory regulation.

I want families to change and you to have the life you wanted – like I do.

Sometimes life can feel overloaded and you need to talk to someone now. Here are contact phone numbers to reach someone in NZ with Mental Health support available 24/7.

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